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Bobbex Delivers and So Does Johnson's Way

Dale Johnson deer repellent groundhog repellent rabbit repellent squirrel repellent

Why turn to Johnson's for your Bobbex Products? Here is what one return customer says about Bobbex and Johnson's
Hi Dale,
Thanks so much for the quick service.  Just hoping that the deer repellent works as well as the rabbit repellent.  We are now living in the middle of Hartford, but in the town, rather than city.  It is amazing…the wildlife that wanders through the woods behind our place (an acre +).  Turkeys, foxes, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and of course deer. Our neighbor called the other evening and said we should look outside our house.  Seven deer… trying to find sustenance from the patch of grass now uncovered.  Poor things wish Spring would come.  So do we.  Our little trees are peeking through the snow, too.  So, the deer might see them and decide that this is the only food they can eat.  Hope Bobbex does its work!!!  Thanks again.
Keith and Lin Higbee

Lets hope the snow leaves so we can all enjoy our yards

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