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Sprinkler Magician Takes the Work out of Yardwork

Dale Johnson Bobbex Mosquito Control Mosquito Magician Mosquito Magician Concentrate Mosquito Spray Sprinkler Magician System

Now that summer is finally upon us and the weather is cooperating, its time to enjoy the great outdoors. Or is it? A pesky mosquito population will soon ruin your summer plans. Consider installing a Sprinkler Magician system now and control you mosquito population. Sprinkler Magician units install easily into your existing sprinkler system. Choose from the single chamber system, intended to keep mosquitos at bay. Or install a dual chamber unit to repel not only mosquitos, but deer, rabbits and other rodents. Sprinkler Magician recommends the use of Bobbex Repellents for the dual chamber units. 


All Sprinkler Magician systems use our safe and organic concentrate, Mosquito Magician.

Boasting all natural ingredients, this unique concentrate is sold separately and works to kill and repels mosquitoes and other biting insects—but unlike competing concentrates, we use no less than six active ingredients. This ensures your lawn and garden stay pest-free all year long!


Watch a demonstration video on the Sprinkler Magician System here

  • 100% Safe & Organic—pet & kid-friendly              
  • Long-lasting - doesn't get washed off                               
  • No less than six active ingredients


For those of us who don't have sprinkler systems, a simple solution is offered. Simply use any sprayer of your choice and mix the Mosquito Magician Concentrate into your unit at a 4 ounce concentrate to 1 gallon of water and control things this cost effective way. Concentrates are available in Gallon and Quart sizes. Make sure to follow recommended spraying procedures. Mosquito Magician Concentrates are environmentally friendly, made of all natural ingredients, and can be applied around livestock areas as well.


Order online from home and eliminate Nature's little pests!!! at www.johnsonsway.com

Protects Against: Mosquitoes • Fleas • Lawn Grubs • Spiders • Flies • Gnats • Chiggers • Silverfish Crickets • Moths • Mites • No-see-ums • Fire Ants • Ticks • Fruit Flies • Chinch Bugs • Palmetto Bugs

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