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Use Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets for all your reforrestation needs.

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If you are undertaking a reforestation project this year, consider the use of Nutri-Pak Slow Release Fertilizer Packets . Nutri-Pak fertilizers require two things in order for the release of fertilizer to begin. First is heat, as the ground warms up in the spring and rooting activity accelerates, the packet will be able to slowly release nutrients for the plant. The second requirement for release of nutrients is moisture, generally abundant in the springtime. The combination of heat and moisture begins the controlled release of nutrients to the plant at a time when the plant is searching for nutrients. If moisture is available all summer the packets continue to release nutrients, however if moisture is not available the packets will stop the release of nutrients, thus eliminating burning of tender roots. As the soil cools down in the fall, the packets slow the release of fertilizer, again ensuring proper feeding and eliminating the burning of roots. Save time, money and the environment with Nutri-Pak Slow Release Packets These fertilizer packets will not leach into grounwater and are environmentally friendly.  For larger plants we also offer Nutri-Pak Slow Release Fertilizer Packets in a 3 Year Formula. Consider your plants properly fed with Nutri-Pak Fertilizers. Prepare now and be ready for this years project.Choose from other Nutri-Pak Fertilizer formulas in both the 1 Year and 3 Year forumulas and give your new plantings the boost they require.

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