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Nutri-Pak is the Real Deal

Dale Johnson

When it comes to fertilizer, its hard to beat pictures. This photo was taken on Mother's Day 2014 and shows how Nutri-Pak fertilzer packets actually work. This perennial was planted years ago at a customers home. Sadly to say for the perennial, it was removed by an excavator last September, loaded on a dump truck and dumped on a spoils pile at my farm. We had 30 degree below weather conditions as an extreme, with records days of below zero weather. The frost was driven into this pile so it literally was fifteen cubic yards of frozen tundra. ( So to speak, I am a Packer Fan) This spring I decided to move this pile, some of which was still frozen, into a new raised vegetable garden. I noticed several perennials, dormant, but I thought I would try to rescue some. I literally piled them on top of each other, and like most farmers, left them to Mother Nature while I tended to more urgent matters. After six weeks of rain/wind/freezing/sun and whatever Mother Nature tossed our way, I was impressed that ALL the plants were not only alive but thriving! This plant I photographed was quite literally grabbed by the top and loaded into a wheel barrel so I could plant it with the rest in my yard. Again, other matters arose and I left the barrel sit for several days, in a less than friendly environment. When I finally got around to planting the much abused plants, I was amazed to find a Nutri-Pak Packet still attached to the plant. The plant had literally grown into the packet and the contents of the packet had been used up by the plant. I then put the plant into a cardboard box to show my brother and nephew while feasting on my sister in laws Mother's Day feast. (Ya I know, she cooked and we ate!) It seems everyone is from Missouri, the show me state, so now look for yourself at the Proof that Nutri-Pak works as it claims it does. I have seen this result in the past, having dug up plantings that had been destroyed by automobiles, but like most people, I never got the photo I should have. Why anyone uses any other method of fertilization is beyond me, but marketing experts can trick even the smartest individuals into doing something they hate every two weeks. Toss away the messy liquids, forget the granular fertilizers that burn, and get with the environmentally friendly, cost effective and time saving Nutri-Pak way of fertilizing. Shop now from the comfort of your home at www.johnsonsway.com and leave the dirty work to us. Container gardeners love the Nutri-Pak 1 Year formulas.

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