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Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets for Container Gardens

Dale Johnson fertilizer packet fertilizer packets Nutri-Pak Nutri-Pak Fertilizer time release fertilizer packets

Try Nutri-Pak Fertilzer Packets for your container gardens this year and save Time, Energy and the Enviroment.  Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets require a few simple steps to give you one year of continuous fertilizing. Heat, moisture and complete contact with the soil will ensure proper amounts of fertilizer to your potted plants. No burning of roots like other fertilizer because moisture is necessary for the release of fertilizer. Save time (and the mess of liquids) and energy by simply adding the unopened packet when you pot your plant. Save the environment because there cannot be spillage of liquids since the fertilizer is contained in the packet. Try Nutri-Paks with any and all your hanging baskets, pots or whatever you choose to plant in. Enjoy the fruits of your labors with Nutri-Pak Fertilizers! Use the 1 Year Packets for annual baskets and smaller pots or 3 Year Packets for Larger Containers with perennials. Works in the yard as well.

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