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Nutri-Pak® Fertilizer Packets Save Time, Money And the Environment

Dale Johnson fertilizer packet Nutri-Pak Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Slow release fertilizer

Prepare now for your spring planting needs with Nutri-Pak® slow release fertilizer packets. These easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly packets are simply added to your plantings as you do the planting. How do they work? Why do they work? And how long do they last? Simply put, they take the guesswork out of fertilizing. Choose the number of years you need, choose the formula best suited for your plantings, and figure out how many of each you need. One Year Packets are ideal for perennials and small plants, Three Year Packets work wonders for larger plantings. Again, Nutri-Pak® Fertilizer Packets save you time, money and the environment, what other product offers you that? Happy planting and be Prepared NOW!

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