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Spring Special Pricing on Bobbex 2.5 Gallon Concentrates

Dale Johnson Best Animal Repellent Bobbex Bobbex Deer Bobbex Repellent Bobbex-R

Now is the time to prepare for Nature's little pests. Johnson's Way will be running a special on 2.5 G Bobbex Deer and  2.5 G Bobbex-R formula products. This low price on this size concentrate offers customers an extremely attractive price for the best selling Repellents on the market. Test results prove that the only thing better than Bobbex is fence. From March 15th through May 31st, Johnson's Way will again offer these 2.5 G Concentrates for $137.99, shipping included. Prepare now before your yard becomes a salad bowl for Deer, Rabbits, Voles, Chipmunks and Ground Hogs.

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