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Nutri-Pak Fertilizer is Ideal for Container Gardens

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If you are planting a Container Garden this year consider using Nutri-Pak 1 Year Fertilizer Packets. Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets are easy to use, simply add them to your container as you plant. Add one packet for 3 inch pots, and increase the number of packets as you increase your pot size. Simply place the packet alongside your plants, and fill with soil. The packet will do the rest. Similar to an IV drip for plants, Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets will release nutrients to your plants for a year. Forget the messy liquids, forget forgetting to fertilize every week, forget the run off of liquids. Your water garden will flourish with Nutri-Pak Pond Paks too. Nutri-Pak will save you Time, Money and the Environment. Choose from several fertilizer formulas and leave enjoy the Fruits of Your Labors!

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