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Bobbex-G Goose Repellent 5 Gallon Concentrated Spray

Bobbex-G Goose Repellent 5 Gallon Concentrated Spray



Bobbex-G will prevent damage and fouling of grasses and lawns by grazing geese. Bobbex-G will not wash off with rain, hosing, or irrigation. It is readily diluted in water and applied with a pressurized sprayer. Bobbex-G is environmentally compatible and harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds and aquatic life. Mix with water into a pressurized sprayer, will make up to 75 gallons of mixture.

640 oz. Concentrate
SKU# B550155
Coverage: 200,000 Square Feet
Recommended uses: Grasses and lawns

Bobbex-G Goose Repellent is an all natural, environmentally friendly turf application that discourages the feeding and presence of geese and waterfowl on treated areas of grass. Geese have long been a problem on lawns, golf courses, parks, and basically any place that has open grass. Geese are herbivores and grazers, and lawns near water provide an excellent setting for their food supply. Golf courses, gardens, beaches, residential lawns, and parks are increasingly becoming areas of significant goose damage, littered with geese droppings.


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