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Bulkster Storage Container - Shipping Included Pricing

Bulkster Storage Container - Shipping Included Pricing


Bulkster container is  an easy to pour indoor and outdoor storage container. This environmentally friendly product is made from recycled plastic in the United States.


Dry storage for pet food, driveway salt, seeds and feeds, almost anything!

Think how much money you spend every year buying small bags of cat litter, bird seed, dog food, fertilizer, charcoal, driveway sand and salt. It all adds up. You could save up to half or more buying in bulk, and have fewer bags to recycle. But where do you put it all?

We recommend The Bulkster, an ergonomically designed container that stores 50 lb. of any pourable bulk material dry and ready for use. Just tip to pour into your bucket, or use the handle as a scoop. Because you pour precisely the amount you need, there's less waste…and less sweeping up spilled product.

For less lugging, keep a full Bulkster close to wherever the material will be used. The rugged plastic container will last for many years and save money every time you use it. Watch a video demonstration of this item  by clicking here.


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