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Nutra Pro Fertilizer Packets

Nutra Pro Fertilizer Packets



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Nutra Pro fertilizer packets have a revolutionary method of delivering nutrients to a plants root zone. This method guarantees that nutrient loss due to leaching or runoff is averted, the cost of labor and supplies are reduced, and damage to the plant from too much fertilizer is eliminated. Nutri-Pak® is also safer for you and the environment because the packets are installed unopened so you never come into contact with the fertilizer itself, and because of its very controlled release there is no surface or groundwater contamination.

Hazardproof Packets

Completely sealed polyethylene packets are safer to use than loose spikes, liquids, powders and granulated fertilizers. Help keep contents away from children and pets.

Conventional Fertilizing Methods

When fertilizer is used in block or spike form, or broadcast topically, it breaks apart quickly ... allowing irrigation or rainfall to wash nutrients through the soil and into our vital groundwater supply. Even worse, topically broadcast fertilizers will often run off directly into storm sewers, as well as rivers, lakes and streams. Consequently, the valuable nutrients may not be available to the plantings.

Nutra Pro Fertilizing System

Nutra Pro virtually eliminates groundwater and surface pollution, by containing the nutrients in a "sealed" micro-pore packet. The fertilizer is released through the micro-pores at the same rate as the plants' needs. No matter how much water (rain or irrigation) passes through the soil, only a very small amount of fertilizer seeps out of the packet, and goes directly to the root zone of the plant for uptake. No runoff. No leaching. And valuable nutrients are always available to the plant.

Application Rates

For New or Established trees, use a minimum of 2 packets. Trees with over 1-inch caliper trunks, use 2 packets per caliper inch of tree trunk diameter.

For New or Established shrubs and bushes, use a minimum of 2 packets. Shrubs and bushes over 24 inches, use 1 packet per 12 inches of plant height or spread.

For New or Established plants in pots or hanging baskets, use 1-2 packets in 4-10 inch, 2-3 packets in 11-14 inch and 3-4 packets in 15 inch and up.

How They Work

Each fertilizer packet contains a pre-measured amount of precisely formulated nutrients for proper feeding. Simply bury the required amount of packets 6 to 8 inches deep intact around the root system of a plant. Microscopic pores allow water vapor to enter the packet, dissolve the nutrients, then gradually and consistently release fertilizer to the feeder roots. Nothing could be easier, no mixing, no measuring, and no mess. In addition, Nutri-Pak® lasts for either one or three years (in year-round growing conditions), depending on packet size selected.


We Stock both One Year and Three Year Packets and offer the lowest prices available , call for pricing at 262-252-3674 


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