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Mulches, Soils, Purple Cow & Aggregates

Mulches, Soils, Purple Cow & Aggregates


Thank you for visiting our Mulches, Soils & Aggregates Page. These products are available from us for pickup/ delivery. Not all items from the linked pages are stocked at our Menomonee Falls location and some lead time is required for deliveries. If your project requires installation, we will gladly refer you to experienced professionals! From Landscape Design to Lawn Maintenance, let us help you along the way. If you need landscape fabric, why not buy from a distributor?  Measure twice, cut once applies to every aspect of yard care. At Johnson's Way "Our Business is Growing".

Please Call us at 262-719-3717 for a pricing on delivery.  Delivery fees will be quoted by phone only



Our mulches come from two Southeastern Wisconsin vendors. Quality Mulch (BLT Pallet) is located in Franklin Wisconsin and offers consistent material made from recycled wood products. Wood products from Quality Mulch are dyed with products supplied from  Colorbiotics .Our natural colored mulches come from Bechtel's Landscape Supplies , located in Slinger Wisconsin. Bechtel's  supplies wood products from Northern Wisconsin sources. Choose to have your mulch installed or do it yourself. Quality has its price, choose our products for your next install.

Prices based on 3 Cubic Yard Orders, Smaller Quantities Available 


Double Shredded Bark Mulch 28.00 Cubic Yard       Covers 108 square feet 3" Thick
Brown Enviro Mulch             32.00 Cubic Yard Covers 108 square feet 3 " Thick
Hemlock Mulch Sold Out Covers 108 square feet 3" Thick
Woodchip Mulch 15.00 Cubic Yard Covers 108 square feet 3" Thick
Mixed Hardwood Firewood 100.00 Face Cord Stick length from 14 - 20 Inches


Topsoil at Johnson's Way comes from All-Ways Trucking , located in Brookfield Wisconsin. Aggregates (ie stone products) come from Lannon Stone Products , based in Lannon Wisconsin. Composted products come from Purple Cow Organics, based in Middleton Wisconsin.


Field Run Topsoil 15.00 Cubic Yard Covers 108 square feet 3" Thick
Purple Cow Classic 55.00 Cubic Yard Covers 108 square feet 3" Thick
Classic Cow/Topsoil Mix 45.00 Cubic Yard Covers 108 squre feet 3" Thick


Screened Topsoil
30.00 Cubic Yard
Limestone Screenings 35.00 Cubic Yard Use under pavers for stability
Limestone TB 3/8 & 3/4 30.00 Cubic Yard Use for driveways and walkways
Limestone Chips aka Clear #1 35.00 Cubic Yard Use for backfill of Retaining walls
Pea Gravel 35.00 Cubic Yard Use for burying drain tiles
Wash Stone aka Alpine #1 & 2 35.00 Cubic Yard Inexpensive Decorative Stone
Mason Sand 45.00 Cubic Yard Packs well for Sand Boxes
Torpedo Sand 40.00 Cubic Yard Mixes with soil for drainage
Spardust aka Rotten Granite 70.00 Cubic Yard Compactable for walks & fire pits
Nutra Pro Fertilizer 2oz packet .99 each 16-8-8 Lasts 3 years - forget the liquids
Nutra Pro Fertilizer .5 oz pack .45 each 16-8-8 Must have for Container Gardens
Nutra Pro Fertilizer Case 225.00 16-8-8 For larger projects...


Johnson's Way is a distributor of Fabriscape Landscape Fabrics. Based in Bedford Park Illinois, these Made in America materials meet all your projects requirements. Fabriscape Inc., offers the widest variety of landscape fabrics/geotextiles and erosion control products in the industry. Our fabrics are used for weed control, filter/drain fabric, soil separator, patio/paver underliner, pond underlayment, road underliner, frost protection We stock some of this companies products, however we can have your item shipped to your door or have it waiting here for you to pick up as well.

As for quality, nothing compares to nursery stock selected from Johnson's Nursery ! Locally grown plants grown and cared for by a leader in Wisconsin's Green Industry. From commonly grown plants to hard to find items, Johnson's Nursery is one step ahead in its field. All installations are guaranteed for one growing season.

Need your trees pruned or removed. We highly recommend RG Tree Service located in Menomonee Falls. Eric Geisberger is a Certified Arborist and will be able to advise you on all your tree care needs.


So there you have it. Shop from the comfort of your home, and Prepare for your next Landscape project now! Deal with Dale, call 262-252-3674 to discuss your needs.

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