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Nutri-Pak Pond-Pak® All Aquatic Plants

Nutri-Pak Pond-Pak® All Aquatic Plants



Pond-Pak All Aquatic Plants

1-Year Time Release Fertilizer Packets

For All Aquatic Plant we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 10-15-10. This formulation will give your aquatic plants good overall greening, growth and health, while supplying higher levels of phosphorus and potassium ideal for better blooming and rooting. Nutri-Pak for all aquatic plants is simply called Pond-Pak®.

Pond-Pak® has many benefits that give it the edge over traditional aquatic plant fertilizers, such as pond tablets. Pond-Pak® can be applied once at the beginning of the water garden season, and will last all year. It is much more cost effective and labor saving. It will not harm fish, and is safer for you to handle because you never come into contact with the fertilizer itself.

All Aquatic Plants: Use 1-2 packets in 4-10 inch pots, 2-3 packets in 11-14 inch pots and 3-4 packets in pots 15 inches and up. The packets should be buried unopened in the pot, halfway between the plants stem and the edged of the pot, and halfway down or about 3 inches below the surface of the soil.

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